Agustin melgar

Creo Furniture design and manufacture the highest-quality European

antique replicas as well as our own unique transitional designs, which are distributed to the best shops and interior designers throughout North America, U.K., Spain, Italy, and France, just to name a few. What makes us different is our meticulous attention-to-detail and pursuit of high-quality construction.

Our passion for detail is also reflected in our in-house brass foundry, in which we manufacture our own hardware so that when we design a new piece of furniture we can also design one-of-a-kind pulls, hinges, locks and even keys for that piece.It is our aim to constantly expand into new markets, while continuing to be a brand synonymous with the finer things in life. Our interior design agency unites millions of homeowners inside the country and all around the world. We keep track of the latest design tendencies and don’t miss an opportunity to implement this in our designs.